Photoshoot: 10/27/2015: Blood Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

10:35pm the moon was engulfed in the shadow of the Earth.

Me and the wife went out this last Sunday night as many people did.  Everyone out there staring up at the sky, watching the extremely lit up moon for when the celestial happening was to begin.

We were in our pajamas and rolled out around 8:00pm.  I drove up by Sanbornton and Steele Hill.  On the way I caught a few shots of Lake Winnisquam with docks, usually a difficult place to shoot photos as the owners are particular about people parking on “their” street to take photos of “their” docks and “their” lake.  With the reflections, I couldn’t pass that up.  Up on Steele Hill, in front of the church I got a few practice shots in, popping it into manual mode and attempting different methods to see how much of the moon I could get.  By this time, the moon was half shadowed.  We were cold and the wife was bored.  I decided to try another nearby setting to see if I could get some decent shots from the town center in Sanbornton.  I really like this place, it has a town hall, a church and a meeting house all next to each other on a hill.  I took a few of my car, a few of the moon over the church steeple, but nothing was satisfying me.

We headed back towards my home, where there is an used grassy area near the shopping center on my street.  We decided to chill out there and I could knock out a bunch of shots.  By this time, the moon is now almost completely shaded and the rich red colors are starting to appear.  It really makes you realize how small we are in this universe.  It also made us ponder what ancient civilizations without the knowledge we have today must have thought to see such an event.  Surely, they must have believed that they had angered the gods and that they were going to be punished.  The red of the moon could make anyone wonder if it’s a sign from above.  Alas, we know better and could enjoy thinking about those past civilizations and the fears they might have had, then we turn to ourselves and wonder what it is we irrationally fear but the answers aren’t yet apparent.

If there’s anything to take from that, it’s that those most stressful questions perhaps could be put away somewhere in your brain, knowing that someday it’s going to be oh so simple that we will be angry that we spent any amount of time concerning ourselves with the notion.