Return of the Toy Drive

Last year I was sitting around with my buddy Glen and we were trying to brainstorm about how we could continue the streak we had started earlier in the year.  Our group, the Lakes Region Porcupines, a splinter group of the Free State Project for people in our area, has had a history of cleaning up the roadways, holding blood drives, and; oh yeah; getting elected as State Representatives.   The idea that we Free Staters have come to New Hampshire in order to mess everything up is a notion that boils me to no end.  I grew up serving.   My parents encouraged me to do a good turn daily and moreso to lead by example to those ends.  I’m not really much of a person to take the spotlight, I’d much rather work as a key member in a group that helps inspire others to serve themselves.

Glen regularly goes to the Center Harbor Food Pantry and helps distribute the food and supplies to people who arrive in need. LRP TOY DRIVE 2015 Those guys at CHFP do such a great service, and they’re highly used by the community.  Glen also took it upon himself to deliver boxes of food to individuals who just couldn’t pack up all their kids in order to make it to the pantry.  His efforts are tireless.  On one of these deliveries he inquired about how one person with a couple younger children was set up for Christmas.  She wasn’t.  Her husband was out of work, she was at the mercy of getting food delivered from a food pantry.  It was either going to be rent or Christmas presents, and she hoped that someday the children would understand.

My parents never missed a Christmas.  Not only did they never miss a Christmas, it was never a bad one.  Every year my mother went crazy buying and wrapping presents galore.  Even in the tougher years where my Dad was in school and working part time after being let go, I remember getting what I wanted.  I also remember knowing other kids in my school didn’t get what they wanted, got soup cans, or got to watch their parents slung out on drugs in a recliner chair.  I don’t believe I thought it at the time, but looking back I can’t be more grateful for the efforts of my folks.  Opening presents brought me so much joy, not only for the gifts but for knowing that I was good enough to deserve them.  Well, time has passed and while I try to emulate Santa Claus with my facial hair, I had realized that he was a symbol for the spirit.  Those kids that didn’t get presents weren’t bad kids, they were just in situations none of us as kids could understand.

I hate that.  I hate knowing that there are kids that are missing out because their parents made bad choices, or bad situations came to fruition in December; the worst of times.  The idea came to Glen that we should try and raise some money to get those kids a few presents.  I figured, if we were going to expend the effort for this why not try and garner some extra money for other kids that might be on the losing end.  The Lakes Region Porcupines Toy Drive was born, and not a minute too soon.  It was already into December when this great idea entered our brains.

8 Families, 19 kids was the result.  Those kids got to get up on Christmas morning and saw presents under the tree.  These kids were probably being told since October when the ridiculous Christmas displays started popping up in Walmart that “this year might be a tough one for Santa”.  Santa had help baby, and these elves don’t take no for an answer.  Several donations were given, by friends like Ademo Freeman of, Free Stater Activists like Carol McGuire, Angela and Emmett Harris, and my folks even gave an extremely generous donation.

But we didn’t forget the parents.  Who the hell likes wrapping presents?  Not me.  Maybe the parents that weren’t expecting to be able to get their kids very much do.  So that’s how the elves handled these toys.  We gathered black plastic bags, inserted presents for the kids, wrapping paper rolls, tape dispensers, gift tags.  No muss, no fuss and they even have a bag to collect the trash in after.  It was really an ingenious operation for being started from scratch after December had started.  Now it’s October and Walmart is putting up their Christmas displays to the chagrin of nearly everyone in existence. . . and it’s time to start thinking 2.0.

The Lakes Region Porcupines Toy Drive on YouCaring is where we are hosting our crowdfunding fundraiser.  This year, we may even choose to let the parents go buy their own kids stuff with Toys R Us gift cards.  Even less work for us to do, and more of the experience for the adults.  We are collecting for Santa unwrapped new toys and will take cash in hand, bitcoin in person, paypal, and of course our fundraiser that gives us close to 100% of everything that is donated (short the credit card transaction fees).

Someone out there is probably talking smack about us, even still.  After our charity barbecue earlier this summer, Hampton Democrats held an informational session about the scourge of the Freestaters and even mentioned our cookout as a front for our plans for Statewide domination and the destruction of MUH ROADS.  Fine.  Spread your propaganda.  Tell your lies about us.  Do whatever you want, but click the link for the TOY DRIVE and donate something so that the evil Free Staters can get some presents into the hands of parents and allow those children to have a spectacular Christmas morning.

To get ahold of me for present pickup, donation pickup, bitcoin/paypal transactions email me at

Yes, that’s my ugly mug behind those toys.  I almost walked out of there with the Frozen doll I always wanted.

And thanks.  Merry October Christmas Displays in Walmart.