What I’m watching this week: 09/27/2015


We’ve been rewatching The Sopranos recently, and casually, knowing all the while we were going to come to another instance of infuriation.  It was one of the first shows that I remember going to Blockbuster to rent episodes 4 at a time for my folks.  Then when they were done I was watching them myself.  I was hooked.  It was the reason my parents got HBO.  This was also in the early 2000s, when that was what you did if you missed a show, you waited for it to come out on DVD and then rush to Blockbuster to reserve it.  Boy have times changed.  You know what didn’t change?  That shit ass ending of the Sopranos.  Did the guy in the bathroom come out and blow him away?  Did the black guys eyeing the pie up by the counter?  Did Meadow ever actually make it into the diner or did she turn back around, go back to the car and decide to try parallel parking for another 20 minutes?  I stopped believing that any good show would ever have a good ending.  I remember watching Breaking Bad and hoping that Vince Gilligan wouldn’t pull some artsy fartsy crap like David Chase did.  Oops, forgot to put spoiler alert on this show that’s over 10 years old now.  Spoiler Alert, JR dies.

So that’s over, and I’ve moved onto new pastures.  We are going with these shows to finish off the week:

FTWD-NewKeyArt-400x600FEAR: The Walking Dead;   god damn that Seargent/Captain/whatever is such a dick.  That actor is really really good, being the same guy you know as the Irish guy who stole the baby on Sons of Anarchy.  He’s also that guy that pauses and moves room to room to watch DirecTV and he wants you to do the same.  This show is picking up steam, and not for a minute would I expect to be alive in this time that martial law is imposed on the non-zombified populace.  Nope.  You can find me hiding in the woods no where near a major metro.  It’s funny how on The Walking Dead, they all huddled in a jail and on FEAR: The Walking Dead they round up people who have no clue into what has become a jail.

agents-of-shield-season-3-secret-warriors-cropMarvel’s Agents of Shield;   They’re back and they’ve ditched the suit and tie.  I love Coulson looking all super spy as opposed to stuffy and two handed.  Pretty neat trick he played there with that missing appendage and the handcuffs.  Skye, I mean Daisy looks great as Quake even though they’re still not calling her that.  Hope she ends up movie bound at some point.  At the very least she needs to be in The Inhumans movie coming out.  Lash made his appearance, and he’s a strong dude.  He’ll be around for a while, for sure.  Still the references Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant Man prove they’re still all connected, and so I will be to my TV whenever it’s on.

knick3The Knick;  As my final show for the week, we started dabbling (read: binging) into the Cinemax show based on 1900 New York City’s Knickerbocker Hospital.  It is a gruesome period drama that reminds me of ER but without the whole cleanliness thing.  Even their tagline:  “Modern Medicine had to start somewhere”  Perfect.  I had to groan a few times at the ridiculous racism towards the black surgeon as well as the obvious health hazards and mistakes on the part of the surgeons.  No gloves, no antiseptic, dipping the beard of the doctor in a bowl of solution, supposedly to keep it from infecting the patient they’re about to open up.  The machinery of the time was so rudimentary, and the show focuses a lot of time showing you how much it was.  I’m going to hit back up on it as soon as I’m done this post.  Dabbling, you see.  It’s available on HBO NOW on my Apple TV for a limited time before their second season debuts on Cinemax.  Let’s hope they do the same thing next season because there’s no chance I’m ever paying for Skinamax again.