Photoshoot: 10/03/15; North Country Colors

I woke up Saturday morning with way too much to do around the house and outside.  I’d heard rumors of some color up around the Lancaster area, so I was off.  Along my route, some high colors were starting but nothing spectacular as I know from previous years.  I was early, too early.  A waste in my book.  I was up here, and I wasn’t going to let it go to waste without something I liked.

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 7.36.20 PMHere I came to a stop, on Route 135.  There was this fabulous tree, bright yellows to orange and a pretty cool railroad bridge in the background.  The sky was blue as anything and the water reflecting it was the same cobalt.  The road is being worked on and a bridge in the distance was out, so I parked right there in the street.  For the shot below I got out and got up nice and close.  There are other shots I’ve got from this tree that might deserve future consideration, but I wanted to reflect the entire tree with cool background.  With a bit of saturation tweaks and a perspective adjustment we get my finale. . . North Country Color.

Should be called North Country “What I could find that I liked” for color.  I met a young couple and their completely uninterested children.  They seemed not very impressed with the color around and I suggested to them, as I suggest to all tourists, the Kancamagus.  There’s certainly color up there on the pass, but I never drive that without first doing so with my wife.  By next weekend, a good mix of the Kanc and perhaps a side trip for me down some side roads will satisfy me for this year.  One of these years I’m going to get out for an entire week during peak in New Hampshire.   Someday.

North Country Colors

This photograph is available for prints, framed artwork and various other media.  Prints start at $9.99 for 5″x7″

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