Photoshoot: 10/04/15; Joaquin’s Edge

Bummin’ for missing my coworkers on a cool trip on the Winnipesaukee.  I had a family member’s birthday party to go to.  He loves Paw Patrol and seemed to like the present we got for him.  Being down in the seacoast, I never miss a chance to drive by Markey’s/Browns and smelling the fried clams.  I don’t eat much for seafood, but the smell of clams is a must.  Mixed with the sea salt air and smell of rotting marsh.  It brings me back.

Along the way, we caught the big waves along 1-A in Hampton, North Hampton and Rye and I stopped for a few shots along the rocks.  Really kicking up over the wall and over the rocks along the coast, great chance for some nice stills of the explosions.  Lots of people were out alongside, it’s part of what makes me love New Hampshire.

This is the edge of the Hurricane Joaquin which was walloping the Carolinas with some heavy rain, but tracked offshore.  We were getting the very far edge of this system in the tides, but not the weather.

Joaquin's Edge

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