Dartmouth Sunrise

I was tooling around out west in New Hampshire.  I’m sure I was heading towards Bath as I usually do this time of year.  Bath has three great covered bridges, couple of them were worthy of their own hours.  Like usual, when I get a late start shooting, I end up driving aimlessly looking for off the beaten path images.  Here I was bright and early in college town, Hanover, New Hampshire, the grounds of Dartmouth College.

And here was a glow, it caught my eye and I rolled back down to get the shot.  I do believe I “car shot” this one. . . meaning I was too lazy to actually get out of the car to get a decent shot.  Regardless of my laziness on this occasion, I found myself feeling this was one of the better shots I had this day.

The glow, provided by mother nature.  The composition was my doing.  How it hit the edges of the tree really got me.  This was New Hampshire foliage season.  Within two minutes of me shooting this, the glow was gone.  Golden Hours are a tried and true photographic rule for landscape artists and couldn’t be more evident than with this piece.

10 - October - Dartmouth Warmth

This photograph is available for prints, framed artwork and various other media.  Prints start at $9.99 for 5″x7″

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