Leap into Bitcoin

The first foray I’m taking into a controversial world on a public stage.  Part of what drives my photography is documenting what people haven’t seen for themselves, and especially what MANKIND hasn’t seen in perhaps hundreds of years.  Shooting abandoned buildings, cellar holes deep in the woods, a stretch of beach that has been closed off for breeding animals for decades.   However, the photos of inanimate objects aren’t the only thing that I strive to document.  I also have taken a role documenting the liberty movement, especially the burgeoning one here in New Hampshire.

I moved to New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project, a movement of like-minded individuals who are moving to New Hampshire to help safeguard its independent spirit, its “Live Free or Die” attitude.  With this migration comes various forms of activism to help educate, reward and inspire others to be independent and peaceful individuals.  These actions don’t always rub the native New Hampshirites the right way.  We’re seen as outsiders or worse, flatlanders.  Sometimes, the breaking of eggs is necessary to make that proverbial omelet.  Civil disobedience is one such way a person can feel free and take a stand for liberty.  Sometimes, just breaking an inconsequential rule can inspire others to question the amount of rules and laws that surround us, a constant threat towards people who, on the whole, do no harm towards others regardless of the rules written on paper.

Take Chris Dunn, a local realtor with Team Porcupine Real Estate.  Chris has been around the state taking leaps off of bridges into water bodies all summer long.  Chris wanted to publicize the use of Bitcoin, an alternate currency to our fiat dollars that is becoming quite popular with the younger folks in this digital age.  For most people, it’s still a mystery, an enigma to others.  Having no Bitcoin myself, but having a pretty good understanding of it, I see it as a volatile currency but I do see it becoming more standard every day.  With companies like Overstock.com leading the way, Bitcoin is becoming a known and wanted commodity.  Radio shows like, Free Talk Live, were instrumental in early adoption of the crypto currency and now they even offer a way to use Bitcoin to purchase items from Amazon!

Chris took the leap into Bitcoin, and wanted to show it off to everyone while also getting in a bridge that otherwise he wouldn’t be able to.  You see, THERE WAS A SIGN.  He asked me to shoot the scene.  I couldn’t help but jump onboard myself.

Chris Dunn Jump 1-1

At around dusk, and after doing his research into depth and boat traffic, we deemed the jump safe and Chris proceeded.  Having the correct composition, time of day, traffic, and a high-speed shooting mechanism; I was to get one of my most favorite photographs.  No one will likely ever see this scene again, ever.  Forget the Bitcoin advertisement, forget the temperature and time of day, but remember that the sign stops people from taking the leap for themselves.  To defy what is common and to dare the world to stop you.  I’ve had other great shots from several acts of disobedience.  This is the one that the past and future shots will all be judged against.

Check out Chris’s agency: Team Porcupine Real Estate on Facebook.  Mark Warden is always kind enough to feature my photos on his page.  If you’re looking for a place in New Hampshire;  Mark, Chris and everyone at Team Porcupine Real Estate is your best bet!

This photograph is available for prints, framed artwork and various other media.  Prints start at $9.99 for 5″x7″

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