Double Feature: Newburyport Scenes

I’ve got a ton of photos from the little port city of Newburyport, Massachusetts.  From Mosley Pines to Maudslay State Park, the boardwalk to the artichoke.   Having lived next door in Salisbury for a lifetime, I had plenty of time to find the best spots.  The two photos for this post, however, are often seen and rarely photographed.


Fowle’s was a cigar shop, diner, soda shop and had every magazine you could ever want.  It’s one of those old neon signs I love so much, and center on State Street.  Step inside and step into the 50’s and 60’s.  While I think the diner isn’t going anymore, and it’s been a couple of years since I’ve bought a magazine there, it’s still a mainstay for the city.  I was pleased with the reflection on the sign, and my composition including the Newburyport gaslights that give the street so much charm.


Another view that you were likely to see anytime you headed out to Plum Island.  When I was younger, and just before my parents would hit the bridge heading onto the island, you’d see this ominous message.  “NO EVACUATION POSSIBLE.”  This statement refers to the infamous “10 Mile Radius” that surrounds the Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant where, if in a state of meltdown, the people within this radius wouldn’t have a chance to escape without harm.  No kidding.  I lived less than 5 miles from the power plant for a lifetime, so I remember the sign we had on our lawn (which is in my parents’ basement) that read “STOP SEABROOK.”   Cars in the area that have survived Cash for Clunkers programs still adorn a ragged “PEOPLE YES/SEABROOK NO” bumper sticker.  It was a big deal.  To the point that this sign, and other one that was a message to the President of the United States were scrawled up on this falling Shanty house.  Alas, I do believe that the Shanty and the warning was no more as of the last trip by, which is why I feel fortunate to document this gone but not forgotten building.

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