Photoshoot: 10/10/15; Foliage Hunting

I dragged my wife out of bed at around 4:45am, packed up the car and headed North.  It’s foliage season and I was not about to let one single tourist beat me to my destination.  Except, I didn’t have a destination.

I rarely do, and at times it can be frustrating.  I’m not sure exactly what I want to shoot.  If I could narrow down to a single type of shot I was looking for, whether it be a waterfall or a solitary tree in a field, I could do the research and go out and take the photograph.  It would feel just like work, a job to do, so that’s why my favorite trips are the ones where I travel according to my mantra, “drive somewhere I’ve not been before.”

Hermit Woods Colors-5

I ended up getting few great shots.  The sun comes up so fast, and the moments you have with the colors are fleeting.  Certainly the leaves are in peak, which is a sight in of itself regardless of how much light.  For photographs, it can easily wash out very quickly.

This shot was taken around 10:00am around the Maine and New Hampshire border, off of Evans Notch Road.  Wild River didn’t quite seem so wild, but it gave me ample opportunity to creep out on the rocks.  Granted, I’m no spry young man anymore (as if I ever was very spry) but wobbling back and forth.

Jaime luckily sits off in the car so that she can’t see that I almost plunged down into the river and floated away to my death.  Though, today the Wild River wouldn’t have taken me very far.

Hermit Woods Colors-8

On the Androscoggin River I found a sweet little reflecting spot that I had to pursue.  I love the oranges and reds and their glow.  This was our decision to stop following Route 16 further into Maine where we have had bad experiences in the past.  If you want tourists, you have to allow them a modicum of decency and communities that treat tourists as piggy banks for local government will begin to see that the tourists stop coming.  Knowing we were in Maine, I used a few moments to take photographs of what I wanted, and return to my home (safe) state without spending a dime.

Hermit Woods Colors-6

On our way back through, we decided to stop at the outlets to enjoy some Stonewall Kitchens jelly and get ourselves some cupcakes at the North Country Cupcakery.  Continuing on, I turned onto the famous (and crowded) Kancamagus Highway.  This shot of the Saco river never gets old, but I wasn’t happy with the washed out sky.  I’ve had better from this stretch of road, but sometimes (all of the time) the time of day matters.

Seeing as every stop along the Kanc was filled with tourists, we continued on towards Tilton.  There’ll be another day for me to get up there, if not this year then next.

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