Photoshoot: 10/11/15; Profile Falls

Took a trip out on my own on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  Stopped by Hermit Woods section of New Hampton and took a great shot of the reflections on the Hermit Lake.  Another gentleman was down there along the edge of the water, taking photographs of this scene with his cell phone camera.  He asked me if I had a Canon or a Nikkon camera.  I told him I shot with a Canon and he laughed in rejection, as he knew that Nikkon was much more functional than a Canon, or at least that’s what his photography teacher told him.

Uh huh.  Then he went on to tell me that NIkkon people have Android phones.  I said I was quite happy with my iPhone, and he again laughed in rejection.  Then he explained to me that similar people to Nikkon owners use Android because they want configurations you just can’t get on an iPhone or Canon.

Didn’t get this on your Android bud.  I was happy to swoop in and get the shot you wanted, even with my cheeky Canon.

Hermit Woods Colors

Hopped back in the car and headed towards Franklin and Bristol, as the colors are stronger the further north I went.  Lots still to go with the foliage, so if you’re reading this and pondering a trip north, early this coming week will be ripe for great foliage and fewer tourists.

I stopped by Profile Falls in Bristol, a horsetail shaped and extremely powerful waterfall exists here and I’ve yet to get a shot of it that I found decent.  Seeing as the sky was becoming more clouded, I thought that perhaps today was my opportunity to get a decent shot of both the leaves AND the falls, something I’ve attempted for three years but never came away with to my satisfaction.

Profile Falls was loaded with cars, and before heading to the falls itself, I wanted to check out a side trail that I’d seen before in winter and never explored.  It led to a small cellar hole beside what looks to have been either a branch from the river that is typically dry or a branch that has been rerouted to preserve the cellar hole sitting beside it.  Either way, it was a dead end.  Before I could attempt any great shots, I found myself being followed by three other photographers who spied me heading down an unmarked path.  As I retreated, I found that these people were foreign to our area by the way they reply to me offering them salutations as typical New HampSHA people do.  A nervous “good afternoon” peeps out of their masshole mouths.  Seeing their license plates later was another clue that I was not dealing with New Hampshirefolk.

Hermit Woods Colors-3My first shot of the falls has the color and beautiful streams of the river flowing in a lapse as I intended, though I was remiss in bringing my tripod with me as I should whenever I’m photographing moving rivers.  As you can see the trees and rocks are much more blurred and out of focus.  Regardless of this, I learned a new setting and succeeded in getting the flowing water as I wanted.  I was happy to see a much better composed photo below that is more of my favorite.

Hermit Woods Colors-4

A small cove filled with pine needles, leaves, and foam.  I saw this as a foreground point of interest to work in harmony with a flash flowing river and the foliage above it.  I was happy to see the sky not washed out in all of this photo to look at.   Lots to take in, I was satisfied with this shot and knew not many that looked like it in all my research into photos of the falls.

Which is your favorite?  Let me know in the comments!

This photograph is available for prints, framed artwork and various other media.  Prints start at $9.99 for 5″x7″

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