Malden Mills

First in a series of archive shots that I’m taking old school.  I love color.  I barely ever think about not capturing color.  I wait for hours at times for the colors to change to what I prefer.  Golden Hour, Blue Hour, it usually makes no difference.  The golden glow and vibrant blue skies are great.  Sometimes I come across a scene that I stop to think about the gradients, how it might look if color was removed from it.  The dreary, the gloom, the rugged, the aged shots that remind you of Ansel Adams’ pieces.

I thought of that when I shot this photo of Malden Mills in Lawrence.  My mom grew up here, we’d driven through plenty of times.  I saw the famous mills where Malden Mills CEO Aaron Feuerstein paid his workers even after a fire destroyed three of the company’s buildings.  Though the company went under after bankruptcy and was bought by Polartec, LLC., the empty buildings remained.  Just recently I had dinner at Salvatore’s (think a high class Sal’s Pizza) and we walked down the stretch to check out the mills.  This one section of the dozens I saw stood out, because it was the dividing line of where the construction companies have renovated to.

Notice the style of windows in the past versus now.  The old signage hung outside of the windows.  I’ve got no clue what they are for or why they are there, but I found them fascinating.  These old mills having huge windows to allow the light to pour in during the day for ample illumination for the workers to slave away at their sewing machines.  I’ve not had a chance to see inside the new spaces that have been renovated, but to be in there and feel the decades of work that have been done within those walls must be amazing.