Pemaquid Point

I love two things most about New England.  Covered Bridges, as you all know very well.  The solutions our forefathers found to tackle huge problems for their day.  We can’t deal when Facebook goes down for an hour, not even completely down we actually freak out when Facebook doesn’t load for 20 minutes.  It starts trending, people at work start talking about how bad Facebook is.  Those are our problems.  Those who came before us couldn’t get to market without a way across the river.  Those who came before us constantly found themselves run ashore when sailing at night.  Covered bridges and lighthouses were essential for solving those problems, not just in New England but internationally.

In my own art, I crave a sort of orderly chaos.  I enjoy that many of the lighthouses are of the same color, same style, but with different backgrounds, histories and lightkeeper homes attached to them.  I grew up in Salisbury, Massachusetts where our neighboring town had three lighthouses.  Two of which were range lights on the Merrimack River and one of those is unobtainable due to it being cut off from the public residing on a Coast Guard base.  The other range light is woven into the shape and style of the buildings nearby, extremely difficult to get a photograph of from any angle.  This is why a Masshole like me travels north to Maine to seek out the gorgeous landscapes surrounding their well preserved lights.

I do plan on attaining all of the lighthouses, but I will definitely return to Pemaquid Point.  It was quite a drive out of the way, it was the one lighthouse that I knew was going to take us a while to get to.  This weekend my wife and I took off on a weekend journey up to Bar Harbor.  Our spur of the moment ended with us getting to Bangor around 8pm.  After calling around for an hour to area hotels in Bar Harbor, and finding that they were full, we decided to backtrack to Bangor.  I’d be able to get some rest and plan out my next morning’s trip.  By early afternoon, I was at Pemaquid Point, and battling the dozens of other photographers for that perfect shot.

I try to pride myself on going against the grain, when there’s a patch of photographers laying in wait for the perfect cloud formation, I’m scurrying around from point to point, getting as many great shots in as I can.  I have patience, but I don’t have patience to take the exact same shot others are getting.  The reward for doing so, for me, isn’t there.  I want to be different.  I want different shots.  I know that I might not be original once I edit up that photo and go online to see what others took at that point, but to me they are my own pure and original piece and viewpoint.  Such is the case with my photo “An Afternoon at Pemaquid Point.”

An Afternoon at Pemaquid Point
I’ve found several shots from this style of vantage point.  Many of them incorporate pools with beautiful sunrise reflections.  There are some lighthouses there really aren’t bad shots to be found.  Pemaquid is extremely well kept, flowers and landscaping is perfect.  I was happy to pay the entrance fee to park so I could enjoy the area.  I’m glad that I employ my standard wide angle lens for shots like this.  I can’t wait to get the time and money to attempt this shot again, but this time at sunrise.

If you appreciate the work I do the best way to show that appreciation is to put me to work.  Certainly there’s a shot or two you’d love to send to a friend as a greeting card.  Perhaps you know someone who’d love a set of notecards with one of these photos on it.  You might even be thinking how well something could look on your wall, an attention piece, a conversation starter, a perfect holiday gift.   Email me at if you have interest in purchases, questions on any particular artwork including tips for getting to these sites or even some general comments.  I’d love to hear from you.  Thank you for viewing.