Truro Lighthouse

A gorgeous morning on Cape Cod is plenty to take in itself.  This particular trip I let Jaime catch some extra zzz’s and I headed out for sunrise in Provincetown.  Seeing as the parking was a nightmare at the tip, but having passed a major lighthouse on the way there, I decided against trekking out to Provincetown Lighthouse and headed back to Truro Light.  The have a huge park, and I wasn’t even first to arrive.  A tourist couple were attempting selfies along the lighthouse and rising sun.  I worked my way around them and found a different subject to be more appealing for the rising sun, the huge cliff and gorgeous shots I got from the top of it.  After I had what I needed on the cliff, I turned my attention back to the lighthouse.  I knew it wasn’t going to be a gallery shot.

Truro Light

Look at that dreary grass that not even a foliage noob could saturate to make look good.  This is my attempt at adding saturation, and it’s still dreary and dry.  This was early spring, and the thaw had just occurred.  There was barely any life in this field.  I was saved by the oranges and yellows from the rise of the sun.  Though, that grass makes this shot not very valuable to me.  This is why I need to take these photos and turn them back in time.

Truro Light BW

Much more to look at here.  In this shot, you can’t even know how dreary the grass was.  I gave it somewhat of a spooky feel, with adjusting by color to see what is brought out and what becomes subdued.  I might have overdone the vignette but I wanted the focus on the light, the halo around the horizon, the striped clouds behind it, and of course the eye being drawn to the moon in the shot.  My eye drags from the corner up, and I never even notice the grass again.