Photoshoot: 02/06/2016; Winter in Newburyport

Having spent another morning down in the Seacoast allowing my wife to go out for lunch with the ladies, it was my time to roll around the area and see what I could find.

Winter at the Mall

I was not impressed.  I like getting out when it’s very early.  Golden hour is my golden hour.  This was around 11am, way past when it’s super harsh light.  I was using filters to cut down on the amount of light entering the lens.  Thank goodness I decided on bringing the setup.

Snowy Walk

I wasn’t feeling very enthusiastic, I was seeing the trees covered with wet snow and I just kept thinking that every shot I took would have been much better in the early AM.  No gallery shots, just some neat mid morning scenes to share with you this time.  I’m not much of a winter photographer, the snow reflects so much and getting around to different sites can be precarious.  Overall, for the two hours I had to shoot, I had achieved a few scapes that I can use to show I actually leave the house when the snow is on the ground.

The first couple are from Newburyport’s Mall, a father was working on a snowman with his daughter and the icy pond had frozen over.  The trees here were fantastic.

Veterans' Winter Sleep

I pulled over down the way and saw a neat shot with the snowy trees and veteran gravestones.  I really had weighed hopping the wall and walking through to see if I could get a shot from the REALLY old graveyard, where the tombstones are staggered and very different shapes.  I simply didn’t want to try jumping this barrier with my expensive camera equipment so I settled for this shot of the uniform and lined up gravesites.

Winter Thoroughfare

On my way back to pick up my wife, I stopped once more to take in another wintery thoroughfare scene.  This was over by Maudslay State Park and I loved how the sun was obscured by clouds and the reflection on the pavement was glowing.

This winter, for me and many New Englanders, has been a godsend.  I’ve been often quoted as saying that I felt that if we got a snowstorm every single day through the end of March, that we still made out quite well having been given a reprieve this year during November, December and January.  I just hope that we don’t get all the big storms we missed out on in early April when my first child, Osiris, will be born.  Stay away snow, please.   Certainly, I’ll have much more beautiful things to take photos of in early April and none of them will involve snow.