Photoshoot: 5/15/16; Tattersall Farm

It’s been a while since I’ve posted to my blog.  I’ve been busy becoming disenfranchised with a small portion of the liberty movement, readying my home for spring and summer, picking up a second job to help pay the bills and, oh yeah, having my first child.

There are plenty of days to talk about schisms in the liberty movement, about my child, about life in general.  Today, I’m going to post about one of the few times I’ve been able to get out with my camera.

My wife, Jaime, took our son to her cousin’s baby shower and I got to spend some time driving around looking for something to shoot.  Typically I spend as little time in Massachusetts as possible due to not being able to protect myself adequately there.  However, this day knowing I’d have to travel into mordor I left my firearm at home where it is safe but I am not.  I grew up in the Merrimack valley and have explored plenty, to think I’d never find something new or roads I’ve not travelled.  I did.

I took a turn I hadn’t previously in my life, and came upon a farm on the Haverhill, Massachusetts and Salem, New Hampshire border.  Now owned by the City of Haverhill, a beautiful large field awaited me, the clouds brushed in like a Bob Ross painting.  I usually don’t prefer afternoon shots due to the scorching sun washing out everything, but between the cloud cover and the lush green of the grass I couldn’t help myself from snapping off a lot of shots.  The farm is now used for hiking and biking, horse riding and has an area for a community garden.  A perfect place for a picnic or tossing a frisbee with your kids.  Gorgeous lilac bushes of all varieties lined the property and were in full bloom.  Lilacs are my favorite flower because of the wonderful aroma they put off, it was no wonder we chose it for our wedding flower.

White Lilac

I got home and began editing the photos, having to tone down the green because of my filters actually giving it more luminance, it didn’t look quite right compared to what I was seeing when I shot it.  I hit a quandary as I usually do, which of the photos do I like best, and which should be featured.

But this time, I put it to a vote on my personal Facebook page.  I wanted to see what others thought was the better shot.  I could ask my wife, but she’ll say that every shot is the best she’s ever seen.

This first shot was from close to the ground, I liked this one because it felt as if YOU were on the path and could follow it into the horizon.  What I wasn’t a big fan of was that it didn’t follow the sacred ‘rule of thirds’ where you don’t allow the horizon to become the center line of your photo, allowing your eye to travel around the photo and to use up the entire photo with interesting views.  I had a lot of people seem to like this one better.

Tattersall Farm Field of Green 2

Though the second of the two shots was from above my head level, giving less detail to the grass and a different perspective, showing a lot more of what some of my comments stated as “big sky.”  After hemming and hawing over which I personally liked better, I put it to a vote.  In this case, it was a very very close vote but the winner is the photo below.  The big sky and depth with the cloud’s shadows on the green lush grass.

I really got a good response from the question, and loved the chatter between my friends and acquaintances about my artistic style and deep responses about WHY they liked the version that they had.

Pink Tree

As always, any of my photos are available for prints, framed artwork, postcards and rights for digital media.  Please inquire with me below!