Rubbing Elbows at Laconiafest

On Saturday, my friend Glen Aldrich invited me to come along and take photos for him at the ribbon cutting for Laconiafest happening during Motorcycle Week in Laconia, New Hampshire.  Glen is a state representative covering the towns of Meredith and Gilford and is a down-home dignitary, dressing up in his slick suit to head out to a bike rally.

Frank Walking Lakeside

Laconiafest has big draws like Steven Tyler and Sevendust performing during the week.  I hope it makes some good cash for the people who are tirelessly putting these events on, including my friend Rick Naya who also runs NH Hempfest.

We ran across Senator Kelly Ayotte who was on her way to another event and didn’t have time to do much more than stop to take a photo with us.  She didn’t know what she was getting into with this crowd.  The phrase “do I have to take a photo with her” was stated by at least one individual.   I do have to say, she’s got the whole looking into the camera thing down, especially when others are talking to her.  She doesn’t want any memes made with a weird face I suppose.

Naya, Ayotte, Edelbrut, Wright

I also got a chance to rub elbows with future New Hampshire Governor Frank Edelblut, who is a fantastic and down to earth guy.  Really, REALLY smart.  Has 7 kids, homeschooled them all, worked and raised them with his loving wife of 30 years.  This is the sort of guy people should be looking up to, the sort of guy who wants the job because it’s simply not being done right by the current administration.  He has my support.

Ribbon Cutting Team Looking Up

He’s also tough to keep up with.  The guy strolled down Lakeside talking to every single person who came past him.  Mostly they were visitors there for Bike Week from other locales, but he welcomed them to the state nonetheless.  He could have just said enough when he got down to the end, but he insisted on going right back up Lakeside Ave., there were more people to introduce himself to.

Frank Pounding Pavement

But he and Glen stood out like a sore thumb amongst the sea of leather.  It drew attention, good attention.  There weren’t any other politicians braving the sea of iron, even stopping at the 81 Hells Angels booth.

Edelbrut Glen on Lakeside

I’m not much into politics, but guys like Frank, like Glen are the types of people we need in office.  Career politicians are terrible, Massachusetts was full of them.  They feel as if they are kings and queens.  Fellas like Glen and Frank know the meaning of a dollar, are regular guys you could find yourself hanging out with.  They’re bright and right for our state.  I hope I get a gig becoming the official photographer to the Governor.  That’d be something.

Until then, I could use your support.  Photos on my site are available for prints, greeting cards, mugs, and fine art.  Please contact me at if you’re interested.

If you’re a politician, a good one, and are looking for some on the scene photography, feel free to give me a holler as well.